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January 21, 2003

Favorite Open Source Project?

This has been on my mind. Last year at OSCON I attended the Internet Quiz Show. One of the questions they asked participants was to name their favorite open source project. Most of them made up some abstract comment that had little to do with open source projects (like "Jon Orwant"), but the question is interesting.

Just trying to get the scope of how many project I interact with during a given day is a challenge. Must be somewhere in the hundreds. Just booting into Linux goes through a slew.

So I've been asking myself that question, "What is my favorite open source project?" I'd have to rule out projects that currently enable my Linux environment but I'm largely unaware of. Sorry to those folks . . . from time to time I have to dig down and end up learning about some module, but for the most part it's the applications, libraries and tools that are in my toolbox, and thus on my mind.

Understanding that "the favorite" is apt to change without notice, my current favorite is XML::Twig by Michel Rodriguez. A "Perl packages that subclasses XML-Parser". Makes parsing, walking through, adding to, changing and building an XML structure extremely simple. I have become well-versed in the methods from repeated use for a wide arrangement of data migrations.

XML::Twig has been on the top for awhile (2 months) now, but I continue to ask myself the question.

Posted by mike at January 21, 2003 10:27 PM