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January 24, 2003

XML Schemas: converting DTDs with a tool?

I keep hearing about XML schemas and the advantages they provide. Having used DTDs for awhile and knowing some of the limitations, I believe I'm excited to step into this alternate world of XML validation. I've been thinking this for a year, why haven't I moved to XML schema?

It started last year at OSCON when I attended An Introduction to XML Schemas by Eric van der Vlist. I came out more confused and intimidated than ever, and have still continued to vocally support XML schema but feared actually diong something about it.

Slashdot had a posting DTD vs XML schema. I poked through the links and found this very basic article. I guess that's where I need to start, very basic. Also referenced in the post is a tool for converting DTDs to XML schema, will definitely give that a shot. We have around 3000 definition lines across 50 DTDs. If the tool proves to accurately convert the DTDs we will save a ton of time.

Posted by mike at January 24, 2003 7:22 AM