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February 12, 2003

Watching Streaming Nanog on Real Player for Linux

The other day I was working away and Pete sent me a link saying "I'm up next." The link was to a Real stream, I wasn't sure how well supported Real streams were on Linux (the server has been there for awhile).

I quickly did a search on Google and found the real player for Linux. Since time was critical, I grabbed the RPM, installed it, and without issues had the player installed.

I pointed the player at the stream and with a small delay for buffering I was watching Pete's presentation at Nanog.

The audio was clear. The video had remnants (esp when looking at the presentation slides from the laptop). There wasn't a lot of motion during the presentation so was about as good as I've seen from streaming Real over the internet. Didn't have any buffering problems (not sure what Nanog's streaming power is, but I'd imagine it's as good as any).

I am finding more and more how easy (and amazing) it is to bridge thousands of miles with a video camera and a microphone. I don't believe streaming could ever replace the real experience of being at a place, but it gets much closer than not being involved at all.

Posted by mike at February 12, 2003 10:45 AM