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March 27, 2003

Another Bad Disk

Started getting messages yesterday about a problem on a mirrored disk from Solaris Disk Suite on one of our machines. I think this is the third disk that has had problems.

Last time this happened I raced over to the data center and did a complete swap of the mirrored drive pair, this time I thought I'd try something else first just to see.

Steps this time:
1. wait until system is quiet
2. unmount meta device
3. detach drives from mirror
4. clear mirror
5. mount up single disk (the good one)
6. use format->analyze->repair on bad disk (says the disk is OK)

I'm waiting for the next quiet period and then I plan to:
7. unmount single disk
8. recreate metadevice and submirrors
9. change vfstab
10. mount up md

We'll see if the metacheck reports problems, if so I'll be over to the datacenter to swap out the disks.

Posted by mike at March 27, 2003 10:55 AM