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March 4, 2003

Cancelling DirecTV

We got a notice the other day saying that AT&T was raising it's internet rates for customers who didn't subscribe to their cable TV service. We have DirecTV, but hadn't watched it much in months so was already thinking about cancelling.

So I call DirecTV . . .

I told the truth to the first person, I was cancelling because I'm going to get cheaper TV through AT&T. She listens and then says "OK, I'm going to transfer you to the customer retention department." Why you would mention the name of that department is beyond me, rather than battle with the retention people I hung up and called back.

I got a new rep and I lied saying that I couldn't afford the service anymore. He was very sympathetic and said no problem. Apparently they still have to run you through the ringer so I got transferred. He was smart enought to know not to name the department I was being transferred to for cancellation.

The woman who was to process my cancellation had every offer imaginable. She first offered a cheaper service, then offered to credit my account for two months worth of free service. I continued to refuse. She pulled out the big guns and started talking about slashing my service fees in half for a year while we got back on our feet (they are normally $37). As a last ditch effort she offered free premium channels for 6 months (didn't seem as impressive as her second to last offer). Finally she caved and agreed to cancel the account.

I should have called DirecTV awhile ago and gave them that story and then "caved in" to get reduced rates.

Posted by mike at March 4, 2003 10:00 PM