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March 27, 2003

Hanging Out with Pete - Open Source Themed Visit

I've been in Utah for the past few days hanging out with Pete. Spent a great deal of time discussing technology, open source initiatives, work, home etc.

Several good things came out of the trip. During our traditional trip to DQ we struck up a conversation about taking vs. giving to the open source community. It's been on my mind lately and the conversation prompted me to start thinking of ways I could contribute to the community. Presenting at OSCON is a start, I wondered if I could conjure up my writing skills I developed at school and during a short stint as a marketing dude and put together an article or two. I also thought about taking the top few open source projects we use most at work and giving a little time to coding, testing etc. How else does one contribute?

Another good thing was the implementation of Gallery on the kruckenberg family site. It was fun getting it all set up and customizing it to work within our framework, but the real reward was having good tools to share pictures with others. I used Pete's digital camera quite a bit to capture activities and then was fairly religous about posting them quickly to the gallery.

Posted by mike at March 27, 2003 10:33 AM