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March 5, 2003

OSCON Presentation Accepted

Got this notification today:

You have been accepted as a presenter at the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2003

To be honest, I'm suprised. At the time I submitted the proposal, the proposal was the end not the means to an end. I hadn't actually thought much about what it would mean if I actually had to present. I've done a fair amount of public speaking, but not much to technical audiences. This will be a good challenge for me.

Title of presentation: Transforming XML for Web and Print
Length: 45 minutes

I'm also excited. In all the conferences out there I find that OSCON pulls together the most relevant people, tutorials and presentations to what I'm working on. Now that I know I'm going I'm looking forward to seeing what tutorials will be offered and details on the tracks.

Posted by mike at March 5, 2003 3:07 PM