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March 15, 2003

Overnight Server Migration

Last night I worked with the folks at Rackspace to upgrade the Woodland server. I do all the programming, sysadmin, design for Woodland, a small mail-order company. I chose rackspace as our hosting company coming up on two years ago after being dissapointed with CIHost.

The migration went pretty well, Rackspace had built my machine with RedHat 6.2 and were willing to upgrade to 7.3 at no cost. I shut down my services around 9pm. They took down the machine, stuck in a new disk, installed 7.3, and then mounted up the old 6.2 disk so I could move data. They were competent and quick. I finished around 1:30 in the morning (after having fallen asleep twice).

Rackspace claims they are fanatical about their support and I have to agree. They were right on the money with this migration, had good communication and technical competence. I haven't had to interact with them that much in the past two years, the only other time was when I took a survey and marked some shortcomings they were very serious about getting in touch with me to see how they could improve.

Posted by mike at March 15, 2003 4:43 PM