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March 13, 2003

Rebooting an Airplane - Thoughts Provoked by McConnell Essay

I was pointed to a collection of essays by Steven McConnell which are on their way into the 2nd edition of his book After the Gold Rush.

I found his essay on process vs commitment oriented development interesting. Wondering exactly how my development efforts fit into his categories.

Things are extremely flexible in our department, we have a lack of process, but there really isn't any telltale signs that would peg us as commitment oriented. Of course we're not turning doing anything revolutionary here, so maybe it's OK to be using a little bit of each approach.

The primary motivater in my work is being a part of a small team (3 developers) that makes it's own decisions about technologies to use and methods to solve problems (I've been meaning to make an entry breaking down what makes my job valuable). That doesn't mean I'm up unto 3am every night hacking up something new, but it does mean that I sometimes come in early or spend the evening looking into some new technology because I'm excited about how it might tie into a project.

The intro chapter to After the Gold Rush 2nd Ed. starts with a funny story about rebooting an airplane.

Posted by mike at March 13, 2003 2:56 PM