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March 4, 2003

Using Laptop Fulltime

I've recently become fairly frustrated with the number of computers I use in the course of a week and the extra work it takes to move between machines. I've got three under my desk at the office, four at home, and a dozen or so servers around the US that I'm on at some point during the week. I got fed up with having to maintain so many machines so I've decided to try two things:

  1. Use my laptop exclusively for a desktop. I've been trying this for two weeks now, using a monitor and keyboard when at my desk. Here's what I was hoping to accomplish.
    • Minimize redundancy in downloading, installing, transferring files etc

    • Avoid unreachable relevant information. I can't count the times I've been at the datacenter with my laptop and realized the stuff I really want is at home or work (takes too much work to get laptop online).

  2. Develop a standard for filing/organizing source code, packages, documents, applications, notes, music, photos etc. With this I'm hoping:
    • Familiar tree navigation on any machine

    • Backup or move all files with assurance nothing is left behind

    • Cross-machine comparisons easier

I'm sure as I continue this the list will grow or shrink. The one con:

Posted by mike at March 4, 2003 5:19 PM