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April 22, 2003

Interesting Approach to SPAM

andersja has put together a warning for spammers that I got a chuckle from:

<!-- This page is (C) Copyright Anders Jacobsen -->
<!-- All rights reserved. Email comments to the webmaster. -->
<!-- ----- ----- SPAMMERS WARNING ----- ----- -->
<!-- Unsolicited commercial email to any address in the jacobsen.no -->
<!-- domain will be billed at $500/message. -->
<!-- Having this note present at all webpages and visible in signa- -->
<!-- tures in all newspostings constitutes fair prior legal notice. -->

He's now is attempting to carry out the warning by contacting guilty parties. I am going to be quite suprised if anything comes of it.

It's the first time I've ever chuckled when thinking about SPAM.

Posted by mike at April 22, 2003 9:33 PM