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May 1, 2003

802.11g Access Point Installed

I set up a 802.11g wireless access point/router in the office today and took all the measures I was aware of to "secure" the wireless network. Pete recommended turning off the broadcast of the wireless signal so only machines that were looking for it would find it but I didn't see any obvious place to turn off the broadcast.

Physical Availability

The wireless signal should only be available within our office space. My office is next to a library, don't want the signal to be available in the library where someone could sit for hours unnoticed. I believe parts of the library have wireless available, want to make sure I'm not overlapping any of those areas. With the antennas on the access point the signal was quite strong throughout the entire library, so I took the antennas off and for the most part limited the signal to within our office space.

Mac address control

I understand that mac addresses can be spoofed/cloned, but I think it's a good measure to only allocate IP addresses to approved mac addresses. Keeps the honest honest.

WEP encryption

Another measure that I understand isn't hard to circumvent. A good measure against the average innocent passer-by. I chose to use 128-bit ASCII, although I must confess I'm not up on what is recommended. Am glad to see that new WiFi security is coming.

Hoping the three-tier approach will be enough of a deterrent.

Posted by mike at May 1, 2003 11:28 AM