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May 29, 2003

Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch Installed

After not having touched it since January, I dusted off the Cisco Catalyst I hoped to put in over four months ago. Got the configuration set correctly to force full duplex and speed of 100Mb/s (the Cisco defaults are both set to "auto" and Solaris was misnegotiating).

Two thoughts:
1) It interesting to think that I attempted to install in January but couldn't find another window until last night (4 months later) to take another shot and getting the switch installed. Funny how some things move so slow, or are not important. I'm finding more and more with our systems that there is very little time when it's convenient for everyone to have the system down. More than ever I am prioritizing a plan to move us toward complete redundancy with all services.

2) I've never been one to shy away from tackling something new, but I think I've gotten as close as I want to networking equipment. Some people dedicate their careers to designing and optimizing networks and even though I'm getting traffic moving through the switch close to wire speed I cringe at the thought of something going wrong with the switch and having to go in and troubleshoot. Most likely would call in someone else to look at it.

Posted by mike at May 29, 2003 11:59 AM