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May 21, 2003

Finding the List of Used Perl Modules

We're in the process of shipping our code off to another school. It's been over a year since we did it last, so I wanted to make sure our list is up to date

I decided to work backwards from the code, developing a command line string of pipes between find, grep, sed, awk, sort and uniq to generate a list of use statements found anywhere in our perl modules and scripts. That gives me around 72 use statements.

Some of the modules are included in the defaul perl/mod_perl install, so next step was to determine how many of the use statements required additional modules. I happen to have a new machine that I have only gotten as far as putting perl/mod_perl but no additional modules. I looped over the 72 use statements and got a list of 36 errors where modules couldn't be found.

Many of the 36 use statements included different modules within a bundle. I started at the top of the list and checked off each use statement once I located the bundle or package tarball on CPAN. Ended up having a list of 32 items to download, compile and install, including a handful of packages that either we don't use but might soon and a package or two which satisfy depandancies.

Kind of a pain, but worth being up to date on exactly what we're using. For reference the list of all packages that go on a new machine is here.

Posted by mike at May 21, 2003 8:18 AM