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May 29, 2003

Network Speed through Switch

There is a major flaw in my previous network speed testing. I was using scp to move a large file between machines, of course a chunk of time is spent doing the encryption. Don't ask why, it was a quick way to get a sense for how fast I could copy something across the wire.

I'm getting a transfer rate though the switch close to the speed of the crossover cable (~42 seconds for the 81,474 KB file).

After a very small amount of research I found netest, a small tool to test throughput. You run the tool on one machine as a listener and on the other machine to send the packets. Results of a TCP test show . . .

TCP transf rate:min 75.5641/avg 82.8163/max 89.6347 Mb/s

I think I can be happy with that, until we decide we want to move up to Gb connections between our machines.

Posted by mike at May 29, 2003 1:09 PM