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July 7, 2003

1/3 Requests on Kruckenberg are for default.ida

Trying to put some new photos in the gallery today and noticed that the pages were loading slow so I started poking at the Apache error log. Discovered 100% of the error log entries were failed requests for default.ida (with the usual extended string of chars). A quick grep of the Apache access file reveals that around 1/3 of our traffic is for default.ida.

A grep|sort|uniq reveals that most of the IP addresses are unique. For a sample time period we got 388 requests from 288 unique IP addresses. 13 is the highest number of requests from any unique IP address.

Too bad we're not looking for venture money and can flaunt those extra "hits" in front of some investors who haven't made it out of the 90s (still can't believe some of the "here's-how-we-will-boost-our-hits" conversations I've been privy to back in those days).

Just to get that junk out of the error logs I created a dummy default.ida file. Seems like the simplest solution. Maybe someday will stick something in httpd.conf to remove the problem altogether.

Posted by mike at July 7, 2003 10:38 PM