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July 9, 2003

In a Pissy Mood about OSCON and Open Source

I so rarely get in a bad mood that I figure I'd better enjoy this moment.

1) How am I supposed to feel confidence in Open Source software movements when the "State" addresses are some of the most boring, dry and unenthusiastic presentations I've ever heard? We need a Steve Jobs, or Damian Conway to give these kinds of addresses. If I ever had interest in fiddling with python it's gone now that I've learned it's founder is taking a new job and seems to lack confidence in future releases (I see Guido has changed his session to "Q & A about Python's Future".

2) What is Microsoft doing buying OSCON attendees lunch? I don't know what went on behind the scenes to get Microsoft involved in financing the lunches for Wednesday and Thursday (the only meals the conference is providing), but I don't feel good about eating it. Maybe I'm just not up to speed on Microsoft's directions, or there new plan to get people addicted to Server 2003 through secret microchips in the food.

3) OSCON attendees, OSCON badges are not required to get into restaurants and stores in Portland. Maybe I don't have the right kind of pride, or am not nerdy enough, but when I head out of the hotel I put my badge in my pocket. It does give me a good chuckle to see someone roaming around downtown with one. On Monday spotted one up by the steel bridge . . . a long way from home, cowboy.

4) Why can't they open the conference hall sooner that 15 minutes before the keynotes begin?

5) I think my grandma can climb stairs faster than the elevators here at the Marriot.

6) Is there anyone here who *hasn't* shaken their fist violently at the wireless network?

On the flip side (now that I've gotten that crap out):
1) I like that OSCON isn't doing meals, it means that 1500 of us are dumping our cash into local business and don't have to eat what a caterer planned. Of course, it can be inconveniennt to find something to eat first thing in the morning. Maybe having muffins, bagels and juice (from Microsoft) would be a good comprimise.

2) My presentation skills might suck too, glad I'm only speaking to a small portion of the people here.

Posted by mike at July 9, 2003 11:30 AM