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July 1, 2003

Kinetic Water Ram Arrives (and is awesome)

My kinetic water ram arrived today. The simple explanation is that it's built to force out clogs in drains, but it deserves a better explanation than that.

The water ram sends a burst of compressed air into a column of water (presumably starting from your sink or tub all the way down to the clogged area), creating a fast moving wave that breaks through almost anything (an illustration on the site shows breaking a toothbrush). 98% of the blast travels through the water, only 2% goes into the pipes. Don't let the photo fool you, this thing is heavy duty (21" long, industrial grade steel) and is made for the professional plumber.

The arrival of this tool brings me much needed comfort. Our house is old, the tub drain pipe is small, has lots of corners, a drum trap and clogs every month or so. To clean the drain means opening the drum trap from below in the kitchen getting disgusting drain water running/dripping everywhere (yea, it's nasty). The alternative is to call a plummer who charges $140 for a 30 minute visit, which we did once (where I first saw a water ram).

The kinetic water ram made this process easy and clean. I filled the tub until it was backed up, pumped the ram to 10 lbs, stuck the ram into the drain and pulled the trigger, sending a kinetic shock down the drain and clearing out the problem.

Posted by mike at July 1, 2003 10:59 PM