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July 7, 2003


Day 1 of OSCON 2003 is drawing to a close. The day started with a great run around the riverwalk loop (up the west side, over the steel bridge, down the east side).

I attended What Works in Software Development, which was excellent. Took away some good notes for needed improvements in our development at Tufts.

I tracked down the Snow White House crepe truck at lunch. I couldn't decide between a few things so I decided to get one and go back tomorrow afternoon. A huge crepe for $5.

I attended Jabber Boot Camp in the afternoon. Also an excellent presentation, somewhat frustrating how often we've discussed moving to Jabber (from AOL) but setting it up never gets prioritized.

I raced out of the conference and headed up to Washington Park to spend some time in the Rose Garden. I don't care much for flowers, but the view was nice and it was peaceful. The amphitheater is a nice place to sit and reflect. The bus driver and I had a lengthy conversation about Portland, comparing Boston. I got of the Max and headed to the Pearl District to see if I could grab something to eat at the Pearl Bakery but it was closed. Will have to go back another day. Walked back to the hotel along the river.

I have added more photos to the gallery.

Posted by mike at July 7, 2003 11:22 PM