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July 9, 2003


A technically exciting day, attended Damian Conway's Advanced Object Oriented Perl tutorial (full day). Found Damian to be both technically incredible at Perl, but also a dynamic, enjoyable speaker. Made the subject matter and learning more fun than I thought imaginable. I came out with some excellent methods for tackling problems with Perl as well as greater pride in the language.

Besides Larry Wall, the "State Addresses" weren't so great. The remainder of the state addresses (python,PHP,MySQL,Apache and Linux) were varying degrees of boring/dry/flat. This is a stark contrast from last year's Internet Game Show, which made for a fun evening. Found a lot of enjoyment watching the IRC channel.

Estimate for this year's conference are around 1500. Last year attracted ~1300.

Hanging out in the lobby, using the wireless network, waiting for the elevator demand to die down, can't stand waiting for 10 minutes and then find the elevator had already filled up one floor down.

Posted by mike at July 9, 2003 1:38 AM