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July 9, 2003


This morning started up with keynotes from Tim O'Reilly, interesting thoughts about a paradigm shift in how we think about open source. One point he made that stuck in my mind was this conversation where a Linux opponent comments how bad the user interface is on Linux. Typically a Linux advocate will respond with "have you seen the latest Gnome or GIMP?." Missing from that is discussion of web-based user interaces like Google, Amazon, etc. Are really good interfaces to Linux.

Today was the first day of sessions. Started out learning about Authentication in Apache 2.1 by Justin Erenkrantz, a fairly straightforward session about syntax and a view into some pieces of code.

Stayed with the Apache track for the next two sessions, Migrating to Apache 2.0 (which seemed close to something I saw last year) by Rich Bowen. At lunch went down to the vendor booths and did the typical tour getting my card stamped to get my two free books. Had good conversations with Pogo Linux folks, Helix, Amazon and GNOME folks. Am particularly interested in how people are deciding which vendor to buy into for Linux hardware and support.

*Did not* eat the Microsoft lunch.

After lunch I got back into the Apache track with Stas Beckman's presentation on mod_perl 2.0. Wish I could attend the session by Ticketmaster which talks about hiring Stas (or open source developers in general). Switched to the XML track to see what kind of stuff is going on with XML and Microsoft Office. Last presentation of the day was on Subversion, very exciting presentation about a replacement for CVS. Way too many people in the room, and so many questions to ask. Can't wait to make a plan to start using it.

Spent the evening practicing my presentation and taking a dip in the pool. I have worked on the presentation quite a bit, and massaged it over several weeks. I'm confident that I can deliver it, but am unsure how relevant or interesting it will be to folks. I guess I have to trust the OReilly staff who chose the presentation that they know what is of interest to the attendees, either way it will be over soon enough.

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