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July 10, 2003


Today was different from all days, nervousness about my presentation set in and made it hard to enjoy or concentrate. I spent the day in the XML track seeing tutorials on Shorthand XML, Tips for Learning XSLT and 5 Things we do Wrong with XML.

Then I was on. The response to the presentation was better than I thought. The attendees were more reactive than I anticipated, and found myself relaxing a bit as I got into it. Thanks to everyone who was there for making a friendly environment. I had a few problems with using dual display and the PDF disappearing, but nothing major. I think for the future I'll avoid doing demos, just include everything on the slides (which can be found here). I think I could have been clearer on the different items stored in TUSK and how the presentation was primarily about the documents, not images etc.

Was energized by the number and quality of questions, they demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in how we've tackled this problem. Afterward a small group gathered up front and continued discussion. Was glad to meet Phil Windley (a friend of Pete's) and Jeremy Zawodny. Kind of nice to meet folks face-to-face after reading entry after entry in weblogs.

Felt a surge of energy leaving the room, not sure if it was relief of it being over or because it went well. Jumped on the Max and rode out to Gresham. Walked around a bit, trying to get a feel for greater Portland in case we ever want to move from Boston.

Posted by mike at July 10, 2003 11:27 PM