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July 25, 2003

Shakespeare on the Common (Hollywood's Formulas)

Went to see Macbeth performed on the Boston Common tonight. The weather was perfect for an outdoor show, evening was cool. Something about watching Shakespeare in the open air under the stars just seems right.

It's been awhile since I've read or seen something by Shakespeare, invariably at some point I end up thinking about how unoriginal Hollywood can be.

Someday I'd like to see a book or paper along the lines of "Guidebook to Hollwood Movie Formulas," which will cover both general formulas for entire movies as well as formulas for specific plot developments. Example overall formula would be something like "man/woman is dicovered asleep/unconcious and spends two hours disovering and getting out of a horribly scary/complex/thrilling past" (Bourne Identity, The Long Kiss Goodnight). Example specific plot development is something like "misunderstanding between man/woman sends them separate ways followed by a montage of actors in deep reflection with full-volume, heart-tugging music, convincing actors to rush back to each other."

This thread gets at the idea.

Posted by mike at July 25, 2003 11:35 PM