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August 7, 2003

Being Out of Touch (Feels Good)

Finally made it back to Boston. I can't remember the last time I've been disconnected for such a long period.

In Idaho we stayed with family who live ~15 miles from the nearest small town, about an hour from Boise. In Idaho when you talk about being an hour from a town you aren't talking about time spent waiting for traffic to get out into a suburb, you're quickly into rural communities and racing away from civilization. On Monday we travelled ~2 hours north and were on stretches of gravel road getting to our campground. Except for people in our group, didn't see another soul for the two days we were there.

Cell coverage was spottty, had it only when travelling around larger cities. Dial-up almost as bad. To complicate things there was one phone line being shared by ~10 people, 7 who were visiting and regularly needing the phone to make arrangements to see people etc.

Of the seven days in Idaho I was online a total of 15 minutes, just long enough to rotate some logs and fire off a quick email. I figured I'd have a chance to be more connected during my 18 hours in Portland, but wedding festivitiies didn't end until 1am, my dial-up session was cut short when I fell asleep at ~2am.

In many ways being disconnected makes for a better vacation. I think I enjoyed Idaho quite a bit purely becuase life seemed simpler (knowing I was unreachable and wouldn't be bothered by problems).

Of course, I feared that the day I got back I'd be inundated with problems, but there was really nothing that went wrong, spent the day catching up on email and finishing up some smaller projects.

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