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August 23, 2003

Converting from MD to Gatorade

A few years ago I worked for a startup in Cambridge, MA which had it's fair share of ups and downs. A few employees and I developed a tradition, "take a walk," where we would get out of the building and walk the few blocks to Central Square where we could openly discuss the latest news out of earshot.

There was a 7-11 in Central Square, and we would often stop and grab a snack (turned a few folks on to Corn Nuts). I started getting Mountain Dew, and got into this habit of having one on my desk to sip on through the afternoon. That habit has continued, three or four times a week, since back then in 2000.

I've often thought I should quit but for somewhat weak reasons (expensive, soda isn't that good for you, don't like addictions, high calories). Not sure exactly when or how, but one day I decided to grab a Gatorade. MD isn't exactly a thirst-quencher, and perhaps I was feeling somewhat parched. In any case, to my amazement, Gatorade actually sounded like a better choice. I have had Gatorade in the past, but it always seemed more like watered down Kool-Aid. It really felt good going down, and ever since I've found that a much healthier Gatorade is actually more satisfying than 20oz of sugary MD.

Oh, I believe there will still be good occasions for MD, but I'm glad it's not something I'm chained to any longer. Maybe someday I'll get back to just having a nice big glass of water.

Posted by mike at August 23, 2003 7:59 PM