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August 29, 2003

eBay is an Addiction

I've long held the position that eBay is two things, an online auction, and a potential addiction. An addiction for both buyers and sellers. Maybe it's just my personality.


During some of the first times I bid on eBay years ago it became more than buying a certain item, it became beating the other person. Like being at a real auction with someone you hate and don't want to see get that certain item that you want. It still happens, when I want that certain item I bid some amount and then step back and say "It's not worth that much to me, I can get a new one for just a little more" and hope that someone outbids me.


As a seller on eBay I find that if I list one thing I get consumed with finding more and more things to auction off. I go through closets. Part of this is that it feels good to clean things up and get rid of clutter, but it becomes more than that. I find myself checking the auctions constantly to see what kind of progress is being made.

After selling my last item I've gathered at least a dozen other things to get up on auction.

Posted by mike at August 29, 2003 9:23 AM