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September 27, 2003

Afternoon in Boston Harbor

Took an incredible trip today to Georges Island in Boston Harbor with the family. The island is one of 35 harbor islands. A $7 (round trip) ferry gets you to Georges Island and then a free shuttle service can get you to many of the other islands.

The ferry from Boston (Long Warf) is about 50 minutes. On the way out it was foggy, and hard to tell exactly how fast and far we were going. The three-floor ferry is passenger-only (no cars allowed on any of the harbor islands) and was relaxing.

Georges Island is home to Fort Warren, which was used in the civil, and both world wars (to differing degrees). Very cool brick and granite walls with large grassy fields on the inside. Much of the fort is left open, and in pretty good condition. We did the self-guided tour. One fascinating thing about the island is that the beaches are lined with millions of smooth, thin, perfect-for-skipping rocks. We spent a good chunk of time discussing geology (where did these perfect rocks come from?) as well as the physics of skipping rocks.

After being on the island for an hour the fog blew out and we enjoyed the remainder of the sunny afternoon playing on the grass, watching boats, locating and naming the 10 or so other islands within view.

By the time our ferry came to pick us up we realized that an afternoon on the island was just scratching the surface and we were going to need to come back at least a few more times. Hopes are that next time we will take an earlier ferry and use the free inter-island shuttle to spend some time on the other islands, maybe even pack some gear and spend the night.

(I'm asking myself over and over again why I still don't own a digital camera. Too attached to our SLR and a history in print photography.)

Posted by mike at September 27, 2003 7:17 PM