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September 17, 2003

Another Happy OS X User

A month ago I purchased a new printer. It's been sitting in the home office for some time, unused, primarily because we have an old Beige G3 300 which doesn't have USB and I wasn't terribly excited about getting the third-party USB PCI card up and running. Oh, and going to OS X on our office computer was not an option (or so I was told).

After spending one evening of trying to find the right software to get the USB card working in OS 9, and having the printer tools installation fail, I thought tonight I'd see if OS X would be any easier. I've been keeping an OS X partition on the office computer since the public beta*, but was only booting into it when I was using the machine.

I booted into OS X and found that after running the USB card installer, plugging in the printer, and running the printer software CD that I was printing, scanning and copying like no-ones business.

After showing my progress to Heidi she agreed to stay with OS X. Wohoo. It was easy to get all Heidi's stuff set up (email, web, Photoshop, word processing, spreadsheet) and going through it with her seemed to spark her interest. It's good news for me, I don't have to wait for the machine to reboot to use it. It's running 10.1.5, which isn't what I'm used to. Maybe at 10.3 we'll upgrade.

Glad to have another unix (or unix-like) machine around.

* Installing the public beta on a Beige G3 was quite an experience, had to develop a system of pulling off certain pieces of hardware to get the OS to install and then add them back later.

Posted by mike at September 17, 2003 11:20 PM