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September 2, 2003

New Apps Running on OS X

Over the past few days I've started running a few new applications on my laptop, thought I'd make a note about them.

1) A new Emacs. The version I had would only run in a terminal, and I wanted more. I was tempted to build from cvs, but the binary was too tempting. It's nice to have a fully functioning emacs on my local machine.

2) Adium (IM client). Am liking it much better than iChat. I'm a tabbed windows person. Adium also allows more control over alerting about new messages (screen names appear on dock icon). I got sick of iChat's organization of my screen names and only showing the first line of an IM until I clicked on the window. Of course I'd need to switch back if I decide to get an iSight.

3) I put MySQL on the laptop over the weekend. I had been attempting to run some intensive queries to get statistics from a few tables but running it on two different machines generated some slowness complaints from other users. I decided it was worth the effort to get my own instance of MySQL running with local copies of the tables (the data I'm gathering doesn't need to be completely up to date). MySQL install went as smoothly as expected.

4) Am trying PTHCPUMonitor for monitoring CPU and memory. I had been using X Resource Graph but wasn't terribly thrilled with it's look. PTHCPUMonitor is a bit more simplistic, but gives me what I need (and can run in the menu-bar).

5) No longer using NetNewsWire Lite. It is really a nice product, and gives me exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm not ready for an aggregator. I spend far too much time reading weblogs and news articles just because the aggregator indicates there are new messages. I suppose I need to learn to not treat it like an email client, or clean up the feeds. It definetely makes reading a large set of feeds easier. For now I'm back to visiting actual sites with the old-fashioned web browser, will have to update my links.

Not a lack of applications out there.

Posted by mike at September 2, 2003 11:55 PM