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October 21, 2003

Health Code Inspection Log for Boston

I work not too far from Chinatown in Boston, and many people in the office hit a variety of places for lunch (myself included). The food is cheap, and pretty good.

Recently, one of the regular destinations suddenly closed it's doors. "For cleaning" is the story we heard for a few days until finally an inside source told us that it had been shut down by health inspectors. Now it seems like there is a wave across Chinatown of places being closed.

I was pointed to the City of Boston's Inspection Services site, where you can search through neighborhoods for inspection records of restaurants. It will be a long time until I eat at some of these places again. A few samples from places we eat:

Tableware encrusted with dried food.
Restaurant operating without hot water.
No soap or drying device at hand wash sink.
Chemicals stored on shelf above food prep area.
Floor under cooking line equipment is encrusted with grease.
Dry food storage shelves have build-up of soil.
Evidence of rodents or insects throughout the establishment.

Yea, it can be pretty nasty. I wonder what the inspection reports from processed food plants (Nabisco, Pepsi, General Mills etc) look like, I'd guess they'd be just as disgusting. Did a quick search on Amazon to see if there is anything published on the topic, came up with a number of meat-packing books but not much else.

Posted by mike at October 21, 2003 2:27 PM