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October 29, 2003

PowerBook is Back

Apple turned around my hosed PowerBook in an amazingly short time. Wednesday I called with the problem, Thursday a shipping box came to my house, Friday I shipped the PB off. Monday Apple got the laptop, fixed it, sent it back and it arrived at my house Tuesday morning.

I took a screenshot of the ticket status, primarily because I was impressed with the hours my machine was getting worked on. According to the repair detail the unit was received at 5:44am, repair was started at 6:44am and completed/shipped at 9:53pm. The PB was in my hands a little more than 24 hours after they received it. I think that's impressive considering I'm on the limited warrantee.

The bummer is all my data is gone (new hard drive), and when I synced up my iPod all the songs on the iPod were removed. Installing new applications and getting my environment set up is one thing, getting all that music ripped again will take a lot of time.

I wasn't aware that when buying music from the Apple store, once it's downloaded Apple consideres the transaction complete and is free of obligation. Out of luck if songs are deleted. I burned most of what I purchased from Apple to CD, but it seemed like I was being untrue in some way so the last two albums were only on my iPod . . . bummer. Of course, I will feel completely justified getting the songs from whatever free service is currently popular. If I would have only read kasia's Panther entry about copying songs off iPod.

Posted by mike at October 29, 2003 10:10 AM