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October 14, 2003

Prevent Spam with Disposable Email Addresses

Just stumbled into spamgourmet (used by someone to post a comment), an interesting email service. You sign up for an account and get an email address, which is set to forward on to your regular email. Sounds pretty normal, right.

The value of the service is how you use that address. When you need to leave an address somewhere in the open you prepend two things onto the address to get:
<self-made identifier>.<number of emails to recieve>.<username>@spamgourmet.com

So for this example:

I would get email messages forwarded with the identifier mikesblog until 5 email messages had come from that address, after which that email address would no loger be valid.

I haven't actually tried the service so I can't say much about how it actually works, but the idea seems good. I wonder how hard that would be to set up something like that on kruckenberg, and if spamming tools are already smart enought to figure it out.

I also wonder if it would get in the way of future, valuable messages not getting through (after the number has been met). What if down the road someone wants to get in touch but can't get through because all they've got is this expired account? Is that even likely?

Posted by mike at October 14, 2003 3:04 PM