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December 3, 2003

Afternoon Working with Pete (via iSight)

My iSight arrived yesterday so Pete and I broke it in by spending an afternoon "working" together. I think most times when people video conference it is for a limited time and focused on a specific purpose. Our idea was to set up videoconference with no purpose or duration, just to have on throughout the day while we worked. More like we wanted to see what it would be like to share an office.

At first it was like other videoconferences I've done because I had some pressing networking questions that I wanted some help with. Very direct and active interaction. Was interesting to be talking to Pete and have people stop by his office to add comments or say hi. After the networking dicussion we went back to our respective work and periodically would make comments about things. I've spent very little time at Pete's office, but have heard a lot through stories. Was pretty cool to see it in action. The only question mark was what people within earshot thought of the random laughs or comments coming from my office knowing I was alone at my desk.

I have fiddled with video conferencing before using a small Phillips Vesta camera and a variety of different conferencing programs on Windows, none of them comes close to the quality of iChatAV. For most of the afternoon I kept the screen small to keep the resources free for my work. Excellent audio quality and clear video. Full screen was a little choppy and distorted but looked pretty decent from a few feet back. Full screen is too much when sitting right at the machine.

Looking forward to more conferencing, got a plan to do a virtual family holiday party which should be good.

Posted by mike at December 3, 2003 10:43 PM