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December 30, 2003

Comments on Aggregators

Something I posted on an internal forum about RSS:
Have been using NetNewsWire Lite for several months now. Have mixed opinions about RSS Aggregators in general.

In theory the aggregation of information saves time because you don't have to go probing around the web to see what's been updated. In practice, I find myself spending significantly more time reading news because NetNewsWire tells me I've got umpteen new articles every hour (and I just know they are important). I guess a part of this is discipline as well as fine-tuning of the RSS feeds.

A news aggregator also abstracts away other elements of a user's weblog or site. You get a different experience when actually visiting my weblog that you would via an aggregator, for this reason I flop between using the aggregator and actually clicking down the list of weblogs on my "Weblogs to Watch" list.

Last, I'd like to see the ability to post comments to a weblog entry via the aggregator. Supposedly the full version of NetNewsWire can handle posting to my own weblog but I haven't purchased the full version to see how extensive it's posting abilities are.

Posted by mike at December 30, 2003 2:37 PM