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December 22, 2003

Exploring Project Management Knolwedge

I've been in the work force since mid 90s, had a couple of jobs that were pretty well defined but somehow all of them have seemed to morph, expand, grow into something bigger, different . . . better? I would guess it's because I'm not content to just do what's outlined on the job description. This has gotten me into trouble, but most of the time the results have been praised.

I guess I'm driven to explore the unknown, both physical and mental. I crave a road trip to a new place as much as a new technology.

My job at Tufts is no exception, was hired as a programmer but more and more I'm doing less and less programming and more decision-making, management of processes and external resources etc.

The most recent request was to explore what it might mean to "open source" our code. We've shared it with a few organizations and have had some other requests for the code. For me this raises a lot of questions . . . which is not the point here. The point here is that we've got three programmers writing code and an exteremly low amount of effort going into overall technical management.

So I'm exploring sources for project management information . . . trying to answer questions like:
1) How much value (for others or for us) is there in making our code open source?
2) How much time overhead is necessary to manage documentation, update scripts, database schema versions etc?
3) How will we package up the code?
4) What kinds of changes are necessary in or develoment environment to make our project usable in another environment?

So I'm starting a "project management" category and will most likely be posting interesting findings under that category.

Posted by mike at December 22, 2003 6:05 PM