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December 31, 2003

Perl Logging Options

For the first time in my Perl career I'm digging into Perl logging packages. It's not that I haven't written a significant amount of Perl, just always had Apache to lean on for logging or was able to get by with something simple like a print to filehandle.

This time the Perl module I've written is being used both in Apache requests as well as in a command-line tool. The module interacts with the Tufts LDAP service. Not only would logging the bind attempts and results be good, the University Systems Group requires a log be kept. I cringe at not using Apache logging, especially in our mod_perl production environment.

You know what . . . no more exploring. Writing this post made me think clearly. The command-line tool will rarely be used and will always be by members of my team, not so important to log these command-line transactions that we need to introduce a new logging mechanizm into production.

Well, that feels good. Faced with a decision and found a path that made the decision unnecessary.

For the next time I'm faced with finding a Perl logging tool it appears that Log::Log4perl is a fairly comprehensive package. Got a nice write up at perl.com.

Posted by mike at December 31, 2003 2:37 PM