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January 9, 2004

Final Word - Sun v240 and v210 working with Lightwave SCS820

Update: In finalizing the cabling I realized the cables I was using in these machines are straight-through cables, not ethernet.

Finally can report a conclusion to the battle getting two Sun machines integrated into our console server infrastructure. We have a Lightwave (now Lantronix) SCS820, secure console server which we use to remotely administer the machines. Works like a champ.

Up to this point, all of our Sun machines (U60, E250, 280R, SS20) have had a DB25 serial port on the back, which nicely converts to RJ-45 ethernet via a Lightwave adaptor. The v240 and v210 have RJ-45 ports on the back, which led me down a path of many Cat-5 cable types and adaptors trying to find the right configuration. I got close with a straight ethernet cable, but a lot of binary junk on the console and no input kept me looking for the right answer. When I thought I had no more options I dug up the pinouts for both the v240 and the Lightwave and put the RJ-45 crimper to use, but the pinout of the v240 has two signal grounds and the Lightwave has one SG with both a DCD and DSR (which Sun puts on one pin). I built two cables trying different options with the DCD and DSR but after two tries and no luck I decided I'd spent enough time on this and was going home to get online and maybe on the phone with Lantronix.

In a somewhat humorous last-ditch effort I decided to get out all the adaptors I had and string them all together in some Dr. Seuss-like contraption. In my searching I found an RJ-45 coupler. Wouldn't you know it, I put that between two ethernet cables connected to the console and server and I've got a boot prom.

The final word is, if you need to connect a Sun v240 or a v210 to a Lightwave (Lantronix) SCS820 or SCS1620 (might include more Lantronix models) you need to get Lantronix part 200.0225: RJ45 to RJ45 rolled, Sun Netra and Cisco equipment. The adaptor actually says it's for a Sun Netra, but I guess the v210 and v240 pinouts are the same as on the Netra.

A huge relief to have this figured out.

Posted by mike at January 9, 2004 2:52 PM