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January 6, 2004

Lynx (almost) Saves the Day - Getting Sun Machines on Console Server

I'm in the data center today, attempting to get some machines (Sun v210, Sun v240) connected to our console server. I notice that Sun machines no longer have a serial port on the back, but two RJ-45 ports, one says SERIAL MGT and the other NETWORK MGT. Hmmm . . . what to do, don't want to have to go back home to get documentation and then come back.

I don't have a spare public network connection for my laptop, but I can get on the private network by plugging into the switch in our rack and assigning my laptop a 10.0.0 address. I ssh via the private lan to a machine on the public network, and then ssh once more to another outside box with Lynx. Browse to the Sun site, track down the PDF, scp it back through the chain of machines and I'm reading the documentation.

The extent of instructions are:

connect to the server using an RJ-45 patch cable
From poking around a little I find that the correct port is SERIAL MGT, but there is no indication what kind of cable to connect. I stick in a normal Cat-5 ethernet cable, the only kind I have available, and no luck. Had to leave without completing the mission, unsure of the exact flavor of "RJ-45 patch cable" needed.

After a conversation or two and some poking around it appears that the correct cable is either a rolled or a crossover cable. Back to the data center with new cables as well as my RJ-45 crimper as backup.

Posted by mike at January 6, 2004 10:24 PM