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January 9, 2004

RCA a Little Off on iPod Comparison

I'm watching an interview with RCA's Dave Arland showcasing the Lyra Jukebox, a very small 40G music player with FM radio. Price is "just over $400."

When asked why the Lyra might be chosen over the iPod Arland says:

These products work with the PC, so since most consumers have PCs, not Apple computers, you are able to easily take the mp3s files you already have and easily drop them right into a device like this. Our products typically have more memory and they cost less . . .
I guess he must have missed the iTunes for Windows announcement back in October. The clip was filmed at CES, the same event where HP made it's announcement about the HP-branded iPod and iTunes being installed on all shipped PCs.

I'm annoyed when people at organizations don't keep up to speed on what the competition is doing.

Posted by mike at January 9, 2004 4:45 PM