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February 24, 2004

Apache, mod_ssl, mod_perl Build Script

Today I started compiling and building a new package for Apache 1.3.29 (with mod_ssl and mod_perl). The method I had used previously was a good starting point, but I wanted to explore some additional configure arguments. The short of it is that I got really tired of backing out of the build each time I wanted to try something new; deleting the directory, re-untarring the source etc. It's not so bad when you're working with one package, but the way apache, mod_ssl and mod_perl interact you have to do it for all three, each time. Very annoying.

Shell scripting to the rescue. It started with something really small, just to wipe the dirs and untar the files, but I figured why not let the script do everything. I hope it will save time in the long run when I need to build another version and I've forgotten all the details.

The script requires modification to set the location of the tarfiles, version of Apache, mod_ssl and mod_perl as well as paths for openssl, existing SSL certificate and Apache install dir.

Posted by mike at February 24, 2004 6:26 PM