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February 6, 2004

Going to MySQL 2004

My wish has been granted.

Back in December I said that as I saw the MySQL 2004 conference proceedings unfold I'd strengthen my resolve to get there. That's not really what happened, the conference sessions aren't posted yet. The primary reason to push for it was having spent a good chunk of time this past two weeks on MySQL-related activities. Have spent more time in the MySQL docs this week than in a long time.

Jan 28 - set up MySQL replication
Jan 29 - attended presentation from Tufts USG going over highlights from attending weeklong MySQL training
Jan 30 - fiddling with replication performance
Feb 3 - Restore 2001 dump of MySQL data for user to poke through
Feb 4 - Set up UMLS indexing process
Feb 5 - Build MySQL package for Solaris
Feb 6 - Refactor UMLS indexing

I had once debated about whether to go to MySQL Admin training or the MySQL Conference. Having listened to the USG account of the training I decided the conference was probably more what we're looking for. We have several people on our team who have been using MySQL for years and are quite versed in the syntax of administration. Even if one of us isn't an expert at a certain task, the MySQL docs not only give good details on the syntax but in most cases give good reasons.

What we're interested in is how people are using MySQL, best practices, in-depth looks at other people's experiences and what's coming in the future. I'm hoping the tone and focus of the conference this year is similar to last year, because what I really want is a repeat of last year's conference that I didn't attend.

Posted by mike at February 6, 2004 5:39 PM