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February 8, 2004

How to Spend ThinkGeek Gift Certificate

Got a ThinkGeek gift certificate from Pete who says "the experience of having to choose something is as good as what you get". Seems to be true.

Am debating between a work toy or a shirt. The thing about the work toy is that it would be fun, could be enjoyed by others, and might even aid in stress release or creativity, but I'm sure I will play with it for awhile and then never touch it again. I could probably get pretty good mileage from these marble magnets.

If I go the shirt route I'm looking for something subtle. I would get more use (as I tend to have a pretty short clothes rotation).

Maybe I should just get both. I see now that I can get the marble set elsewhere for less so maybe the shirt route is best for the certificate.

Will sleep on it . . .

Update: I decided to go with the geek work shirt, to only be worn when in non-geek environment.

Posted by mike at February 8, 2004 11:08 PM