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February 5, 2004

Solaris MySQL Install Package

Building a new Solaris package for MySQL (4.0.17) install today. A good exercise in determining where to draw the line between a package that helps by setting up configuration and one that does too much and makes more work.

1) create mysql user and mysql group
2) install binaries, benchmark tools, docs etc in /usr/local/mysql-4.0.17
3) symlink /usr/local/mysql to /usr/local/mysql-4.0.17
4) install /etc/my.cnf with commented configuration for 4 different environments (dev, test, prod-slave and prod)
5) install /etc/init.d/mysql (startup script)
6) symlink startup script into appropriate rc1.d and rc2.d directories
7) run configure script to uncomment appropriate options in my.cnf based on machine name (mapped to an environment)
8) create datadir (on hardware RAID array)
9) Install mysql database files into datadir for core permissions (contains only 1 root user entry, connection only allowed from localhost and with correct password).

I initially started up the database, but seemed overkill. Most likely will want to drop some files from a backup in before getting up and running. Package removal will step backward, undoing each step.

Feels good to have a well-tested and complete package install, that I know will get everything set up properly (for us) on new or rebuilt machines.

Posted by mike at February 5, 2004 5:38 PM