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February 23, 2004

Spell Checking Web Forms

I've had a copy of the jspell pricing breakdown on my desk for over a year now, with periodic inquiries as to when we'll be able to offer spell checking of web forms to the users. I'm not terribly fond of Java or JavaScript-based spell-checkers, but when I run into spell checking on a site I like to try it and see how the interface is done.

I was posting to a Tufts forum the other day when I noticed this option to check the spelling of the post. I hadn't ever seen a server-side checker, so was intrigued and impressed when the response came back from the server. The forum is driven by webcrossing, which is a commercial product. I can't find information on what they are using, so guess it's developed in house.

Wondering what else was available for server-side I poked around a bit and found Lingua::Ispell, an interface to ispell. There's also Text::Aspell, an interface to aspell. According to this dude aspell is much improved over ispell.

I also stumbled into an implementation of Text::Aspell which might be worth a look at. Maybe spell checking won't be too far off.

Posted by mike at February 23, 2004 6:24 PM