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March 23, 2004

Find MAC Address on Solaris

Here's a tip to solve an annoying little problem, run ifconfig as root on Solaris to find MAC addresses. If you run it as someone else it will show you everything but the MAC address.

Fortunatly I didn't spend a lot of time figuring this out, would be even more annoyed. Every search about how to find MAC addresses on Solaris says to run "ifconfig -a" and it will show you the MAC address. I was getting pretty annoyed with all the resources that were saying this because it just wasn't true on the particular machine I was on. Then I stumbled into a note on a forum stating that on Solaris ifconfig only gives the MAC address if run as root.

What's the point of that? Are we to believe that the MAC address is something secret that only root should be able to see?

In the past I've also used arp, but in this case the interface wasn't actually being used yet, I needed the MAC address before getting it connected.

Posted by mike at March 23, 2004 7:44 AM