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March 26, 2004

Impressed with iLife Suite, Issues with iDVD

After carefully creating a album of photos of our recent trip to Florida in iPhoto and using the slide show feature to let everyone enjoy a review of the trip along to music, I decided to explore creating a DVD with iDVD (and include some small movie clips from the s400).

I am impressed with the interchange of information between the iLife apps. In iPhoto I can choose music from iTunes, in iMovie can get at iTunes and iPhoto and in iDVD I can easily drag and drop from iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto.

Building a DVD in iDVD is really easy, at the expense of having almost no configuration options. I was impressed all the way until the DVD came out of the superdrive. I put it in my home DVD player (purchased in the last 6 months, so I would hope it would play most DVDs). There is no sound on the DVD. I stick it back into the PowerBook and after spinning for awhile I am given the "You've inserted a blank DVD, what do you want to do with it" box.

I decide that maybe burning DVDs at with the "in 1 hour" option as opposed to "highest quality" might be the issue so I change that and burn again (took ~90 minutes). Same problem, no sound and unable to mount on Mac.

I stick the DVD in my Playstation 2 to get a third opinion, lo and behold there is sound. It's really loud and distorted, but it's there.

Now what? I want to send the DVD to some folks but how do I know if it will work? Try another DVD player? Is it the DVD media I'm using? I guess I'll send it with a disclaimer. I have access to another DVD burner on a Windows box, should I try that first? Not as easy as Apple makes this out to be.

Posted by mike at March 26, 2004 10:21 PM