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March 3, 2004

OSCON 2004 Presentation Accepted

Got this notification today:

Congratulations! You have been accepted as a presenter for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2004
Last year I was suprised to be accepted because I just wasn't sure if I met the presenter criteria. This year when submitting I was more curious if my talk would be of interest to others.

Topic: Using MySQL for Binary Storage
Length: 45 minutes

The proposal abstract:

Four years ago the Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK) moved it's collection of images from a filesystem into a MySQL database. TUSK, a content management system, has since grown to include a half million images. This presentation digs into the details of using MySQL for storing binary data and serving that data over the web.

Reasons For and Against MySQL Binary Storage
Passionate debate continues over whether to store binary data as BLOBs in MySQL or to keep it in files on the filesystem. There are good arguments for both sides, which must be weighed when choosing a method of storage.

How-To: Store and Deliver Binary Data
Focus on details in designing the data model and programming to serve the images is key to getting the highest performance.

The biggest question at TUSK is: How well does it perform? Measuring the performance of image delivery is critical in determining the viability of storing binary data in MySQL.

Kruckenberg will begin with a review of the arguments for and against binary storage in a database, and how the arguments weighed into TUSK�s decision. He�ll then get under the hood and look at the data model and Apache handler used to store and serve the images. The grand finale will be a show of performance statistics to answer the question �How well will it perform?� Kruckenberg will end with a few thoughts on TUSK�s future plans for MySQL binary storage.

I'm excited for OSCON 2004, hopefully will be chalk-full of good information. I've made a promise to some of the folks here that I'll actually take notes and bring information back to share, we'll have to see how good I am about that.

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