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April 11, 2004

Switching from embperl to Mason

Several years ago embperl was embraced as the scripting language for the presentation layer of our application. We've had a few issues with embperl, and have talked several times over the last few years about moving to Mason.

The switch is finally happening. Two of our current projects are using Mason, which will run alongside embperl, allowing us to gradually migrate the templates. It feels good to take a system that's had several years worth of work by a half-dozen developers and build it from the ground up.

There may be technical reasons for the switch but the most compelling reason is the activity difference between the projects. Mason is being more actively developed by a larger group of people, and has a pretty impressive list of sites. We also feel like embperl has left Apache 1.3.x behind for development on Apache 2, but without a stable mod_perl for Apache 2 we're not willing to move up from 1.3.x. Mason shares our view of moving to mod_perl 2 (1.99_x), which is somewhat reassuring.

Posted by mike at April 11, 2004 10:06 PM