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May 20, 2004

Day+ Trip to New York City

Took today off to spend it in NYC. It's been too long since we've gone. Much too long.

We drove to Milford, CT on Wednesday night and stayed at the SpringHill suites (accomodations we're as expected). Got up this morning, swam in the pool for an hour and then drove into Manhattan. We took a semi-new route, across the the Bronx and Manhattan on the Cross Bronx Expressway and down into the city on 9a (Henry Hudson Parkway). The 9a stretch was pretty cool, runs right along the Hudson, lots of green grass, biking trails etc. Dropped us into the upper east side.

Had lunch at Lincoln Center (this trip was on the cheap, all meals were pb & j and homemade cookies), took a tour of the almost completed LDS Temple (beautiful) on 65th and Broadway and then walked the two blocks to Central Park and spent the remainder of the afternoon running on the grass.

The trip back was uneventful except for a frustrating amount of traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway and in Connecticut which eventually got so annoying we stopped for an hour and played/ate (more pb & j) for an hour until traffic was moving.

I liked taking a mid-week trip, not stacking it up against a weekend. Somehow it was more enjoyable knowing that we still had the weekend to get things done.

The trip was a reminder of how much I love being in New York City. Found myself wishing that somehow circumstances would change and moving there would make a lot of sense (currently, moving to NYC makes no sense). We did agree that we'll be back soon and will allocate more than a single day.

Posted by mike at May 20, 2004 11:15 PM