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May 7, 2004

Not a single line of code in 4 days

My streak continues, spent another day doing administrative work and not a stitch of coding or sysadmin. Thought I'd make a list of activities so I can review exactly what it is that's keeping me from working on my real projects.

- put together and request quotes for new hardware (several different machines)
- push server requests to purchasing
- negotiate 2004-2005 service contract for hardware (conference call, numerous follow-up messages)
- fill out and submit matching grant application
- request nagios coverage for new machines
- request backup for new machines
- complete business impact analysis survey for consultants
- meet with consultants
- get up to speed with a couple new mailing lists (apache, perl)
- work on documentation for installation of our software
- make estimate for hours to bring server in South Africa up to date
- initiate working with networking, operations and university systems group for building disaster recovery server to live off-site

Amazing how fast time gets eaten up.

Posted by mike at May 7, 2004 11:33 PM